Laurie Mackereth

Office Administrator

Laurie’s duties include greeting and assisting visitors, dispersing communications, assisting with bulletin inserts, newsletter assembly, mailings, and church committees, and working with weddings, funerals, and baptisms. 763.682.1245 ext. 102

  • Reminders from God

    My childhood church in Sun Prairie, WI, was where I began experiencing the joy of life in Christ. A lifestyle of being literally connected in God’s care was easy back then because my church was conveniently situated right across the street from my house, which meant I could walk to church on Sundays and to confirmation classes on Wednesdays. You’d think that my family was never late to church, but you know how that goes! Looking back, I’m thinking God ... more

Started working at Zion in… 2019

Favorite thing about working at Zion… Zion’s congenial and professional staff is a great bunch of people to work side-by-side with. Being part of Zion’s mission fills my soul with joy!

Committees and ministries I’m involved with… During the past thirty years I have enjoyed teaching Sunday School, chaperoning youth mission trips, serving as a Confirmation Guide, working at Harvest of Hands and the Lutefisk Dinner, ringing bells with the Joyful Ringers, and serving on short-term committees and events.

Favorite worship song… Christmas is hope and peace. I hum Christmas hymns all year long.

My family … My husband, Joel, and I joyfully raised three children who are now adults and are out in the world being industrious workers and contributing to our tax base.

When I’m not at Zion, you can find me… visiting my children, camping, canoeing, biking, hiking, snowshoeing, gardening, shooting hoops, reading, or researching what we need to buy next to fix up our old house.

Something you might not know about me is…

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