Ted Vanderpan

Senior Pastor

My primary responsibilities include preaching, teaching and leading worship, staff development, leading the congregation in strategic planning, being involved in the Buffalo community and caring for the people of Zion.

PastorTed@ZionBuffalo.org 763.682.1245 ext. 106
  • Giving Thanks

    For me, November and Thanksgiving are inseparable. I look forward to gathering with family for the big meal. During November, I think often about that for which I am thankful. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for all we have been given. I have come to realize that the Thanksgiving gathering and meal doesn’t just happen. Thanksgiving takes planning, doesn’t it? For Thanksgiving to happen we need to coordinate schedules, get the shopping done, do prep for the meal, time the meal, ... more
  • Making $en$e of Our Money

    Each fall we pause in worship to focus our thoughts on the connection between our faith and our finances.  We call this our Fall Stewardship Emphasis.  You see, at Zion, we are convinced that managing our financial resources is just as important to our life and growth in faith as prayer, understanding scripture, and serving others! So, every fall we take about four weeks and narrow our focus to this one aspect of faith.  In our Fall Stewardship Emphasis we: Teach ... more
  • Where Is God Leading You?

    I always look forward to the end of summer! It’s not that I want summer to end (I am writing this on August 10). I enjoy summer fun as much as you do. Family reunions, hobbies, travel, kids home from school, boating, days at the cabin; like you I try to squeeze as much fun as possible into the three or four months of warmth. But… It’s just that I am looking forward to the fall and all the activity at ... more

How I came to be involved with Zion … 13 years after starting a new congregation in Woodbury, MN, I knew I was ready for some new challenges in work and life. I went hunting with a friend and one of his friends was a member at Zion and on the call committee. A few months later, when I entered the process of receiving a new call through our denomination, I told this person on the call committee I was interested in moving and later I interviewed at Zion.

I was born … the sixth of seven children, to a pastor’s family in Sioux Rapids, Iowa.

My favorite quote or Bible verse … Proverbs 3:5,6 – I have seen this verse prove true over and over in my life.

When I’m not at Zion, you can find me … doing something outdoors.

Something you might not know about me is … I am interested in native prairie plants. My wife and I own 20 acres of virgin prairie (land that has not been tilled) in South Dakota and I have transplanted many plants to my backyard. Along with my brother, I have restored 160 acres of South Dakota farmland to native grasses.

My favorite Bible character is… I have too many to select only one. I learn many life lessons from the exploits of the characters of the Bible.

The other thing I want you to know is ... It is a joy and privilege to serve Zion and the people here.

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