StaySafeMN Building Guidelines


On May 18th, the Council approved new policies and guidelines for the partial reopening of Zion’s building following Governor Walz’s transition to the StaySafeMN order. In-person Sunday morning worship services will remain suspended, but drive-in worship will be held every Sunday at 9am. Sunday morning online worship services will also continue. The big change is that the church building is now open for small group (10 people or less) meetings and gatherings. Below is additional guidance and details. If you would like to contact Council members to provide input or feedback, please send an email to

  • Small groups, both internal to Zion such as committees, working/fellowship groups such as Harvest of Hands and Wednesday Workers, youth group, and music practice groups, as well as external community groups such as Scouts and the support groups may meet at church. Group leaders will manage group size and only allow less than 10 people to gather at a time. Participants are strongly encouraged to wear masks, wash hands frequently, practice social distancing, and disinfect the high touch areas in their meeting room at the end of the gathering. Meetings should be held in larger rooms when available to allow for more distancing between participants. Zion will provide additional disinfectant. Participants will provide their own masks.
  • Social ministry programs such as Blessing Closet clothing distribution and Fare for All which may attract more than 10 individuals at a time may be held if less than 10 individuals are allowed at a time or outside distribution can be done. Organizers are encouraged to develop innovative methods to practice social distancing.
  • Only the bathrooms located east of the kitchen by the maintenance office are open for use by building visitors. Please only use these bathrooms.
  • All public water fountains are closed. If you require a drink of water while visiting the church, please use a cup or glass and water from the kitchen sink. The public coffee machine and all vending machines are closed.
  • Individuals will decide for themselves based on their families and their own medical condition if they should attend meetings and gatherings. Organizers and leaders should provide for remote attendance (Zoom, conference call, etc.) if possible, but this is not required. Participants should not attend if they are not feeling well. Zion will not be taking temperature of participants as they enter the building.
  • Vacation Bible School is currently postponed and information on the need for Zion Day Care is being collected. Decisions on these programs will be made by the pastors and the Executive Committee.
  • Members are encouraged to give electronically. If that is not possible, the drop off option will remain operational, and members are encouraged to drop off their offering without coming into the office or mail in their offering. This will minimize exposure to the staff.
  • Monday evening worship at Marysville are suspended until further notice.
  • Pastors will determine funeral services and baptism arrangements on a case-by-case basis in conversation with the family.