I got involved because I really wanted to strengthen my relationship with God and the church.

Strengthening Faith

Belle is the youngest in her family and lives with her mom, Michele, and dad, Jason. They have a cat, Malia, and a rabbit, Morrie. She also has an older brother, Griffin.

The family came to Zion when they moved to Buffalo ten years ago.

My dad and I have always been very involved and very soon knew that Zion was the place for us. I love the atmosphere of Zion, everything is so personal and loving. I feel that there is always someone there to talk to who cares. I’ve created so many great relationships with the members of Zion and I’m creating more every week! Zion feels safe, and I always feel at home when I am there.

Belle has grown up attending worship, Sunday school, Grapple, youth choirs, handbell choirs, and confirmation at Zion. Holly Husom, her small group leader for confirmation, had a big impact on Belle.

She is so easy to talk to, understanding, caring, and sweet. I have always enjoyed having her as a leader.

Belle’s friend, Wesley, a member of the Buffalo Covenant Church, has also been a positive influence in Belle’s faith life.

He is always helpful, caring, and loves to talk about God and strengthening my faith with me. The past few years I have been going through many medical problems and weakened my relationship with God. Now, Wes helps me every day reminding me that God is always with me and He is my salvation. I am strengthening my faith every day.

Isaiah 12:2 is Belle’s favorite Bible verse:

Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid

This is my favorite because I have lived these past few years in constant fear, but I must remember that God is always here for me and I don’t need to be afraid.

Belle is a regular volunteer with Wednesday Night Suppers, as a mentor with youth bell choirs, and as an usher at the 9:45 worship service.

I got involved with ushering because I really wanted to strengthen my relationship with God and the church. I asked if my father and I could help out in any way, and ushering Family Express was the answer! Helping with the Family Express service is important because we want people to come in and feel warm and invited. We want these young families to come to church and the young ones can start building their faith at a young age. I enjoy greeting everyone and seeing all the bright smiling faces every Sunday morning. I love meeting the little ones, too. They are just so cute!

My dad, being the goofball that he is, always challenges me to see who can hand out the most bulletins to people.

Belle always wins that challenge.

I’m just excited to keep strengthening my faith and relationship with God. I love it here at Zion!

Belle is a junior at Buffalo High School, and has recently started looking for the right college to study violin after high school.

I spend a majority of my time in orchestra rehearsal, private lessons, or personal practice. I am a part of many different orchestras around the state including GTCYS (Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies), BCO (Buffalo Community Orchestra), MCO (Monticello Community Orchestra), BHS Concert Orchestra, and Chamber One.

She has worked at Dunn Brothers in the past, and currently works as a violinist at Park View Care Center.

I go there regularly and play violin to the residents for music therapy and entertainment. I love my job, it makes me so happy to see that people really enjoy the music I play and that it helps them relax.


Photo by Lisa Kretsch Photography