Sue Lyrek

Sue has served on the church council since 2010 and will complete her council term at the end of this year.

Tell Us About Your Family:

We live off Pelican Lake between Saint Michael and Buffalo where the fields and trees are a plenty. My copilot in life, Tim Smith, who I have been with for 2 years, and I have been raising two awesome teenage sons, Phillip (17) and Jonathon (13).  We have 2 cats and 2 dogs and 10,000 mosquitoes.

Where Do You Work?

I am employed at Reinhart Food Service in Rogers as the Customer Service Rep. for Subway Sandwich Group.

How Have You Been Involved With Zion’s Ministries?

I have participated in the  First Sunday praise band, Gospel Choir and currently a confirmation guide at Zion. I have been on the Worship and Music, Fellowship and Outreach and Evangelism Committees. I helped in the past with the Bridgebuilder event, served on the Organ Repair Task force and attended Women’s bible study.  I have helped out on multiple Wednesday supper teams. I was a member of the First Zion Mission Jamaica Team in 2011.

Why Do You Serve On The Church Council?

When I was nominated, I did not know much about what being on the council meant.  I figured since I got elected there must be a purpose for me here at the church.  I have embraced this position and made sure the council looks at what we say or do from the prospective of the parishioner in the pew.  I found it important to keep my eyes and ears open to see what the congregation thought and said to represent the larger group.  I serve on the church council because I’m not afraid to speak my thoughts or the questions that I have, to provide the perspective of a single parent, and to keep the council laughing.

What Are Your Other Interests In The Community?

I like to live life, laugh a lot, and see what is going on around me in the world. I enjoy traveling in the car for weekender trips, singing, going to watch live music of all genres, walking with the dogs,  outdoor activities, muscle cars, riding motorcycle, and baseball. I like to visit with aging seniors, and children from tots to young adults. These age groups have the most interesting stories. Someday when I grow up I might be a fulltime story teller or record the stories I have heard.