Sunday Welcome Crews


Each Sunday Welcome Crew is lead by two Zion households. Those two “crew lead” families/individuals will manage one Welcome Crew, consisting of 10-12 additional households. Each Sunday Welcome Crew is on duty one Sunday a month to assure that Zion is a welcoming place.

If you are interested in serving on a Sunday Welcome Crew, please talk to Wes at the front door, staff at the information desk, or email Sherilyn. If you already know which week you’d like to serve you can sign up for a crew directly:

What Does a Sunday Welcome Crew Do?

The Welcome Crew is responsible for greeting and hosting before and after worship, ushering, and serving coffee in the fellowship hall.

How Often Does Each Crew Serve?

Each Welcome Crew would be on duty once a month. Choose the Sunday of the month that fits you the best:

  • 1st Sunday (also includes ushering for communion at all worship services)
  • 2nd Sunday (also includes welcoming baptism families)
  • 3rd Sunday (also includes ushering for communion at 8:30 and 10:30)
  • 4th Sunday (also includes welcoming baptism families, and it is Sanctuary Sunday so there is no Sunday school)
  • 5th Sunday (also includes ushering for communion at 8:30 and 10:30, and they serve only about 4 times a year)

Do I Serve All Sunday Morning?

The Sunday Welcome Crew will be “on duty” for the morning, but each Welcome Crew can decide how to split up the time during the morning. Most of the crew will be on duty from 9:30-11:45, with a few “early birds” to greet and usher worshippers before and during 8:30 worship.

What if I can’t Help Every Month?

That’s okay! The number of families in each Welcome Crew allows for the reality that other commitments sometimes come on Sunday mornings

How Do We Know What to Do on Sundays?

The Outreach/Evangelism committee and Worship/Music committee will be hosting training events. There’s also a possible plan for video training that can be done anytime.

Does This Mean We’re on a Sunday Welcome Crew Forever?

No, there will be a chance to sign on again each fall, invite new families to join a welcome team, or opt out for the coming year.