Sweet Shop

Roxie Otten has been a member of Zion since her family joined the congregation in 1979.

She married Mike 19 years ago at Zion, and their two sons were both baptized at Zion. Aaron is 14 and started high school this year, and Josh is 12 and started middle school this year.

Roxie works as an itinerant teacher for students who are deaf or hard of hearing in the South West Metro Education Cooperative. This position involves working with infants and children through 21-year-old adults in five school districts. Roxie also likes to spend time with family as well as scrapbook and read when she can find the time.

Over the years Roxie has been involved with children’s and youth ministries in many ways as both a volunteer and a staff member. She has also volunteered with the Lutefisk dinner, worked at a check in table for the directory pictures, and helped behind the scenes on many projects through the years.

Roxie’s mom, Audrey Bacik, used to make candy for Harvest of Hands with her friend Sue Myhre.

Once in a while, my mom would be gone, and I would help Sue. I also made bars or cookies on occasion.

When Audrey passed away in 2005, Roxie officially stepped into her position in the Harvest of Hands Sweet Shop.

When she gets a break, she heads to the cafe.

I just want to make sure that I get someone to make me an omelet at some point. They are so much better when someone else makes them! 🙂

Roxie enjoys the tradition involved, and seeing some people that she doesn’t see the rest of the year.

Roxie hopes that Harvest of Hands continues to be a great success, and that more people are fed each year with the proceeds.

Find a person you’d like to work with, or an area that is interesting, and join a team. If you feel like you prefer to contribute items, head to Pinterest for recipes or ideas!