Syrian Refugee Crisis

Refugees | Photo credit: EC/ECHO

In response to the terrorism around the world and people displaced from their homes and seeking refuge, the Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, presiding bishop of the ELCA, issued a statement on November 18.

Lutherans have a long history in this country of settling refugees, including those fleeing from dangerous situations like the war in Syria. We draw on both biblical witness as well as the best of our nation’s traditions as a refuge and haven for the persecuted and destitute. We support ‘a generous policy of welcome for refugees and immigrants’ and ‘will advocate for just immigration policies, in visa regulations and in admitting and protecting refugees. We will work for policies that cause neither undue repercussions within immigrant communities nor bias against them’ (ELCA Social Message on Immigration, 1997). Bishop Eaton

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Options for financial support of refugees include:

Lutheran Disaster Relief

Lutheran Disaster Response is committed to meeting basic humanitarian needs and upholding the rights of those fleeing war and crisis. They are working with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary, the Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession in Serbia and The Lutheran World Federation.

Lutheran Disaster Relief website

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Brooklyn Park is providing $50,000 in matching funds within the Minneapolis Area Synod to help Syrian refugees through Lutheran Disaster Relief .

Write a check to Zion, or give cash in a Mission pew envelope, (designate ‘Syrian Refugees’ on the check or envelope) or donate online

Donate link and matching funds info

Lutheran Mideast Development

LMD works directly with members of the Kurdish community, including the town of Kobani, where the residents have requested LMD’s help to avoid becoming refugees.

Lutheran Mideast website

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

Help communities prepare to receive Syrian refugees

LIRS website


Photo credit: EC/ECHO

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