Teaching Law and Gospel

Emily grew up as a member of Salem Lutheran Church in Greenfield, and attended Salem Lutheran School up until eighth grade. Emily participated in many church functions as a parochial school student. She was assigned Psalm 27:1 as her confirmation verse, “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

I can reference this verse at any time during the day and know that whatever lies on my plate or troubles that are in the world, God reassures us that he has a plan and we shall not fear.

The family knew that finding a home church nearby was important to them. They had previously lived in Monticello, where they had visited several Lutheran churches in hopes of finding a church home, but kept returning to Salem.

The first time that we attended Zion we were welcomed, obtained an informational packet, spoke with Pastors Ted & Luke and knew that we could call Zion our home.

Emily loves that Zion has three distinctly different worship services to meet the needs of everyone.

I do not pretend to know everything in the Bible but what I do know is that Zion Lutheran preaches the law and the gospel in accordance with the Bible and that is the number one reason we attend Zion Lutheran.  I feel that Zion wants us all to grow in Christ and their passion for youth ministries and development shines.

Emily began teaching Sunday school in high school, and started co-teaching again at Zion last year when daughter, Adeline, began Sunday school.

I was an active member of the young people’s association at Salem so teaching Sunday school was an easy fit  as I knew the lessons quite well. I have always loved children, I have 2 younger siblings, several younger cousins, and have babysat and worked as a nanny growing up.

I applaud the effort that Kirsten has taken so that we are able to have the same students for the second year. I feel that previously having a connection with the children has made us more in tune with their knowledge in Christ and we have been more able to fit the needs of the children.

Emily’s children would say what they most like about Sunday school is the treat of having a donut and juice if they are good, but Emily teaches because spreading God’s word accurately is important to her.

Last year her son was not old enough to enroll in Sunday school, but participated almost every Sunday in Emily’s class.

He was welcomed by the students even though they were 2 years older than he is, and they assisted in his growth in Christ.  Micah even participated in the Palm Sunday service.

Emily’s other interests include spending time with family, fishing, hunting, anything that has to do with the outdoors, gardening, and canning fruits and vegetables.