What a Difference a Year Makes

planting seeds of our legacy

Your Legacy Dollars at Work!

Thank you Zion for your confidence in giving to these worthy projects! Read on to find out the great things that are happening.

School of Hope Library

The library structure is complete, and the inside is filled with shelves and books.  Over 650 K-12 students at the School of Hope are using the library for reading and research. The Hope College of Education will be using the library for teachers of Zambia to further their education starting in 2018.  The students and teachers of School of Hope have created an origami art sculpture of 1,000 cranes which hangs in the library as their own contribution to the learning environment.  As more and more books are collected and sent, the opportunities for learning continue to grow.  Teachers and students alike are grateful for this important center for learning right at their own school.  Zion’s vision of funding this library, sending a team over to build it, and shipping books to stock the shelves shows our commitment to connecting with others in an ongoing relationship of faith, love, and service to God’s kingdom here on earth.

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The Learning Lounge

The Learning Lounge program (originally called Homework Helps) in Montrose has adapted in recent months to respond to the needs of its community. It began as a twice per week after school program, to a once per month community supper with a ‘we love to read’ format that is open to everyone. This new format targets elementary-aged children, but middle schoolers can benefit as well. It creates a heightened sense of community and encompasses the adults in these children’s lives. These monthly events involve learning labs that help to integrate all of our senses that God gave us. They also provide an opportunity to teach the adults tips and tricks on how to read with their kids and to help their kids comprehend what they’re reading.
If you are interested in learning more about the new Learning Lounge format or want to help by assisting with serving a meal, facilitating a conversation at a table, creating a learning lab or some other way, please reach out to Cathy Jones, the Learning Lounge Coordinator, at 763.528.1784 or cathy.dangers.jones@gmail.com.

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Blessing Closet

The Blessing Closet has been genuinely blessed by many individuals who volunteered their time, skill set, and talent to build a facility which allows for a place to sort clothes, improve storage, and provides better opportunities to help serve the community’s emergency clothing needs.  The mission to “provide families in our community to clothe their children” is being realized and the Blessing Closet continues to grow in its outreach.  Please join the ever increasing list of ongoing wonderful volunteers who continue to make this Ministry successful.

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