Where Is God Leading You?

Pastor Ted

I always look forward to the end of summer! It’s not that I want summer to end (I am writing this on August 10). I enjoy summer fun as much as you do. Family reunions, hobbies, travel, kids home from school, boating, days at the cabin; like you I try to squeeze as much fun as possible into the three or four months of warmth. But…

It’s just that I am looking forward to the fall and all the activity at Zion. I love it when everyone comes back to church at the end of summer. I have not seen some of you since last May or even longer. I know that I have missed everyone when the church is full again. The halls have activity. Sunday school rooms are being used on Sundays and week nights. Wednesday evenings are bustling with youth and children and adults. It is the same old church building but, it is kind of new too. And that is how God’s love is – the same but kind of new too. Constant, faithful, never-ending, and yet brand new for the new contexts of our lives. This fall, I will get the fall started with a three-week series of messages about that old but brand new love …

Where Is God Leading You?

Up or Down

September 10

If God is leading, then I am following. So, what does it mean to follow? Is following Jesus about getting my life together. Is it like climbing a ladder up, toward God? Is following about being better and better, doing more and more to make Jesus happy with me? In order to follow, do I need to make my way up to God or does God come down to me?

Near or Far

September 17

In this message we will consider how God wants to relate to us. Can we be close to God? Can we have a relationship with God? Did God just get the world going and then left or is God still involved? If God is leading, is God leading from near or far?

In or Out

September 24

Jesus said, “Come, follow me.” He also said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.” Sometimes loving God seems like an internal exercise, sort of like trying to eliminate everything for our heart except for our love for God. Until we do that we are not really following. And yet, Jesus words suggest that following God moves us beyond ourselves to care for those around us. So, is it in or out?

Summer is almost over and I can’t wait. We will kick off a new year of activities on September 10th and we will talk about where God is leading you. See you soon.

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