Why Global Missions


Zion has been involved in supporting global missions throughout much of its history.  In more recent years, many from our congregation have actively participated in mission trips, both in the US and abroad.  These trips open one’s eyes to other cultures and the challenges of daily living that so many face.  Yet, despite these challenges, many radiate with joy and have a deep love of Christ.  Zion has been fortunate to partner with organizations that do a good job of training, educating and increasing the self-sufficiency of the peoples served and spreading the Word and love of Christ.

I recently asked other Global Mission Committee members why global missions is important to them, and here’s what they had to say:

I joined the Global Missions committee in 1999 when I took my first short term mission trip to Tanzania through Christian Veterinary Mission.  Since then I have had the privilege of serving in Honduras, Bolivia, Zambia and the Dominican Republic.  These have been faith building experiences that have shaped my world view.  I believe global missions is an important part of Zion’s ministry because it is another way to encourage us to think of others more than ourselves.Dave Wright

I first became aware of Global Missions at Zion through the Murnyaks and their presentations at Zion about their work in Tanzania.  I was glad that we had a global perspective and a local connection to missions.  I am passionate about AKCLI, Village of Hope, in Zambia as it is founded and run by my sister and brother-in-law, Kathleen and Benedict Schwartz. In 2012, along with six others, I traveled on a mission trip to Zambia and the Village of Hope.  The experience was amazing and made me realize even more the importance of missions.Minda Squadroni

As a child growing up in Zion, I recall occasional visits by missionaries to our Sunday services.  Upon my return to Zion in the 90’s I saw we were still involved through the fish farming efforts of the Murnyaks in Tanzania.  We were also involved with Redeemer Lutheran, which provided a much more local mission effort.  Zion has been involved in mission work for many of our 150 years of existence.

I feel God is continuing to guide our Global Missions committee and congregation through our mission projects by providing opportunities for our congregation to participate directly in mission work.  Many in our congregation have experienced a mission trip first hand and, as I found out, it is an experience that gives back much more than is given.Steve Peterson

In January I became part of the church council.  We are each assigned to a committee and mine is Global Missions.  I must admit that I knew of our sister church, Redeemer, the Jamaica mission trip and the coffee sales, but that was my limit.  I now have learned about All Kids Can Learn International (AKCLI). I finally attended my first meeting and was excited to see the enthusiasm that the committee has.  I have had many thoughts of going on a mission trip but working full time didn’t leave time.  Now that I am retired I hope to go.

This is all new to me but being part of bringing Christ to others is going to be very fulfilling.  I am looking forward to finding new ways to expand opportunities for Zion to help others.Karron Denk

The Global Missions committee meets every other month and welcomes new members. Contact a committee member or Pastor Luke for more information.