Hadyn and Megan

You Won’t Get Bored

Jenn lives in Buffalo and is a single parent to Justin, Megan, and Hadyn, who were all baptized at Zion. Justin was confirmed at Zion in 2017.

Jenn attended worship nearly every week as a child, and her mother, Sharon, plays a very active role in the lives of the children.

Being part of the congregation, speaking to the pastors after the service, and the entire youth group experiences remain in my heart.  I hope my children grow in their faith to have similar experiences I had.

Jenn’s favorite thing about Zion is that the congregation is very welcoming, and that there are amazing opportunities for our youth like Camp Wapogasset.

I feel Bible camp is important as it is a great way for children to learn about their own faith while growing their relationship with God.  Camp allows youth to do this with fun activities while building friendships.

Last year Megan attended the week-long youth camp. She enjoyed the variety of things to do, fun games, the counselors, and good food.

The Bible studies were interesting and entertaining.  You won’t get bored. ~ Megan

Haydn attended the weekend SEEDS camp for younger students and enjoyed swimming, games, Bible stories, and the counselors.

Camp Wapo is a great place to learn about God! ~ Hayden

Camp Wapo was a great experience for Jenn too.

Megan struggled with some anxiety over being away from home.  Kirsten, Megan’s Wapo counselor and the rest of the Zion staff were excellent in working with Megan during her struggles the first night and day.  Kirsten took time out of her busy schedule to update me on how Megan was doing.  This was very helpful as a parent, and I was very thankful.

Jenn and Justin have both volunteered for VBS (even when he didn’t need confirmation hours, Justin enjoyed being with the children and other volunteers).  As a family they have also enjoy helping with Trunk or Treat.  Megan has put in many hours with Grandma Sharon sorting clothing donations for the Blessing Closet, and Hadyn is just getting started in this task.

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