Writing a Will

Mission projects such as this are also very humbling and a good reminder to be thankful for what we have.

Including the Church

It all belongs to God. As stewards, we are entrusted to use what God has provided us for our own needs and to help others. Part of that responsibility is to ensure that after we’re gone, our assets continue to be used to help others. That may include family, friends, charitable organizations, and church home. We hope that you will consider including Zion in your estate plans to help sustain our mission for generations to come. There are a variety of options for including Zion in your planning.

The simplest way is through a will. Bequests can be made for the assets you own at the time of your death by naming Zion in your will. You can leave a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a specific asset. Without a will, the transfer of assets is determined by the state. While that will likely include family, it will not include the church or other charitable organizations that you may have intended to be included.
Another method is a charitable gift annuity. This is a simple contract between you and a charitable organization. In exchange for your irrevocable gift of cash or securities, the charitable organization pays a fixed annuity to you or another annuitant for life.

There are multiple other methods of planned giving and you should consult with your attorney or tax advisor on the best options for your circumstances.

Whether through a will or another form of planned gifts, is it important that your assets are distributed according to your values and wishes. Giving does not require great wealth. It requires generosity of spirit and the desire to share what God has given you to help others. If you’re putting together a will for the first time, or making revisions to an existing will, consider including Zion.

Thank you for financial support of Zion.

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