Zambia Devotion: August 13

Moore Family

Read Isaiah 43

There is a David Haas song called “You Are Mine” that we often sang in Jubilee at Zion. The lyrics state:

I will come to you in the silence, I will lift you from all your fear, You will hear My voice, I claim you as My choice, Be still, and know I am near. – I am hope for all who are hopeless, I am eyes for all who long to see, In the shadows of the night, I will be your light, Come and rest in Me.

(Chorus) Do not be afraid, I am with you, I have called you each by name, Come and follow Me, I will bring you home, I love you and you are mine…

The words of Isaiah 43 remind me of these David Haas lyrics, and maybe he was even inspired by them. God gives his people a word of assurance and hope. Do not be afraid, “I will lift you from fear”. But perhaps even more than that, He not only declares that He created and formed us, but He also “summoned you by name, you are mine” says the Lord. It isn’t a question for those who have salvation; it isn’t like a annual valentine’s day question “Would you be mine?” or “Will you be mine?” God makes a decisive statement of fact for those who belong to the House of God, “You are mine!”
In Zambia I believe we might sometimes be out of our comfort zone or forget that we know God is there to help us through that uncertainty. This verse is a great one to remember there and also in our day to day lives.


Dear Lord, Thank you for calling each of us and help us to remember that you are with us and we are yours. Amen.

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