Zion to Zambia 2017 team

Zion To Zambia Team

In August 2017, a group of 15 adults from Zion will be traveling to Zambia for two weeks to help build a library for our Global Mission partner, The Village of Hope, in Zambia, Africa. The Village of Hope is an orphanage and school in need of a library. Our goal is to build a library for their pre-K through college students to be ready for the 2018 school year.

Meet the Team:

  • Strangers and Angels

    Strangers and Angels
    Ron grew up in eastern South Dakota, attending a conservative Lutheran church. He remembers in 1st grade, living with his family on the second floor of the Wisconsin Synod Church student center while his father was studying for his bachelor degree at South Dakota State. I spent time sneaking downstairs and playing an old pump organ (the one used for church services) that was powered by a vacuum cleaner located in the basement … probably why to this day my ...
  • To Africa and Back 2017

    To Africa and Back 2017
    15 Amazing Days for 15 Ordinary People The Zion Buffalo Mission Zambia team came home on August 19 with smiling faces, warm hearts, many wonderful memories, experiences they will never forget, and new friendships with adults and children. 10 Highlights Working alongside Zambians, laying bricks, sewing curtains, making chairs, painting houses, working with teachers, and all the while getting to know one another Listening to the Zambian National anthem sung by the School of Hope primary grades at the start of the school day ...
  • Zambia Team: Pastor Suzi Orlopp

    Zambia Team: Pastor Suzi Orlopp
    Pastor Suzi enjoys crocheting, cross-stitching, CrossFit, walking her dog, spending time with family (especially her nieces), and she loves being outside. Pastor Suzi is excited to be a part of a mission trip with a goal to see a project completed. It would have been easy for us to simply send a check for the library, however, she is happy to be a part of a ministry that wants to continue to build the relationships as well as support the ...
  • Zambia Team: Caley Paripovich

    Zambia Team: Caley Paripovich
    Caley is a first grade teacher in Maple Grove, MN. She is looking forward to learning more about a new culture and working with the teacher college. Caley is excited to develop relationships with the children at the Village of Hope and with our enthusiastic Zion team. More about Caley Follow the Team on Facebook Meet the Team:
  • Zambia Team: Denny Gleason

    Zambia Team: Denny Gleason
    Denny Gleason is a crop & livestock farmer. Denny did a mission trip to the Village of Hope, along with his wife and son, in December 2014-January 2015. He was nervous about going, being an introvert, not knowing what he could contribute to the village, school, and farm. Through some God nudges, Denny found things he could pitch in to do around the Village of Hope. The exciting part for Denny is to go back and see the kids ...
  • Zambia Team: Julie Swaggert

    Zambia Team: Julie Swaggert
    Julie is a faculty member at Minnesota State University Moorhead and teaches graduate students in Educational Leadership. Julie spends lots of time with family including 7 grandkids ages 3-10, spending time outdoors and at the lake, traveling, golfing and all sports, reading and learning. This will be her third trip to the VOH in Zambia. Developing relationships and enjoying life by meeting new people is part of Julie’s outgoing personality! Spending time at the VOH and working with the staff ...
  • Zambia Team: Dennis Hennessy

    Zambia Team: Dennis Hennessy
    Dennis is a retired credit/collection manager who enjoys recreation, such as fishing, golfing, hunting, walking his dog “Briar”, reading and working on projects as assigned. Dennis is looking forward to seeing Village of Hope and meeting the children at the orphanage. Most of all he likes to help and this is a good opportunity to help. Follow the Team on Facebook Meet the Team:
  • Zambia Team: The Bergquists

    Zambia Team: The Bergquists
    Kevin enjoys woodworking, beekeeping, music at church, reading and travel. He wants to go on the mission trip to help with the library and see God at work in Africa today. Kevin is most excited about working with the Zion team and learning about Africa and it’s culture. Judy enjoys quilting, gardening, reading, being with our grandchildren, and traveling. She wants to see if she can help the teachers who are already at the school and in training new teachers. Judy ...
  • Zambia Team: The Moores

    Zambia Team: The Moores
    Carol has been a teacher for Early Childhood Family Education BHM Schools for twenty years. Her hobbies include music and painting. Carol is excited to work with the teachers and children at the school and orphanage in Zambia. Annie recently graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris and is starting a year of service for AmeriCorps in September. She is most excited to see the culture and meet the people! Ron is a veterinarian. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and ...
  • Zambia Team: Minda Squadroni

    Zambia Team: Minda Squadroni
    Minda spends her time doing daycare for granddaughter, Kaia, and her other two grandchildren, Lorenzo and Francesca, playing the organ for church, gardening, reading, and spending time with family and friends. Minda wants to reconnect with the children at the Village of Hope whom she met during our Zion to Zambia 2012 trip. She also want to be a part of our “Planting Seeds of Our Legacy Campaign” to build a library in Zambia. Minda is most excited about reconnecting ...
  • Zambia Team: Emily Comstock

    Zambia Team: Emily Comstock
    Emily works at Kids Haven as a lead infant teacher and likes to scrapbook, do arts/crafts, read, and spend time with family and friends. Ever since Emily heard about Zambia, she has always wanted to go She believes that this is a calling for her and she cannot pass up the opportunity. She loves working with kids, serving​ others, sharing the gospel, and getting to know other people. Emily is most excited about spending time and getting to know more ...
  • Zambia Team: The Petersons

    Zambia Team: The Petersons
    Steve is working part time at Zion and enjoys being outside working in yard and garden, hunting with family and friends, traveling, spending time with children and grandchildren, watching old westerns, and golfing. Peterson has been a part of the Global Mission committee for years and has always wanted to go to Zambia. Steve is excited to go on this adventure to a different part of the world, seeing what wonderful things that have been accomplished in the past ten ...
  • Zambia Team: Diana Lundquist

    Zambia Team: Diana Lundquist
    Diana is a retired teacher who enjoys traveling, photography, reading, quilting, working in the garden, and going to the lake. Diana is excited to visit other parts of the world, to see how other cultures live and work, to be the hands of Jesus in this world, and to use some of her teaching skills. She is excited to visit another country, learning about another culture and make new friends. Follow the Team on Facebook Meet the Team:

Follow the Team on Facebook

They will be taking items collected at Zion. Other items collected will be shipped to Zambia in a container leaving from Delaware.

The congregation raised $30,000 through the 150th Anniversary Planting Seeds of Our Legacy mission campaign to fund this project.