Zion to Zambia…Meet the Team

Some members of the Zambia 2020 mission team.

Our group “Zion to Zambia” wanted to provide you with an insight and a little introduction as to why each of us wanted to go on this mission trip. We hope that this will help you to understand how God is working in our lives to share Christ’s love to the world. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make this mission trip possible.

Back: John, Annie, Judy, Amy, Jud, Ron, Steve
Front: Kevin, Kathy, Danielle, Emily, Pastor Suzi, Abby

“A mission trip is something I have never done, nor even thought about, but somehow, when the opportunity arose to join this group, I felt like God was having a direct conversation with me, encouraging me to go, not for the benefit of the Village, but for my own personal gain. I expect to gain immeasurable experiences of grace, hope, and a connection with others that will help me identify more things in common with others, rather than finding differences between us.”

Mary Braun

“When I was at the VOH/SOH I was surrounded by people who have such a faith in God that it shows in everything they do. Their lives are lived in praise for all they have, which seemed like so little to me when I first arrived. The longer I was there, the more I wanted to return to this Mission which educates so many children and surrounds them with a huge loving family to nurture them and help them grow in their faith.”

Judy Bergquist

“I am excited to return to the Village of Hope – to go back to the basics. To focus on serving God’s most vulnerable and seeing my fellow volunteers be as Christ to the so very needy. I look to be humbled by the faith and hope of the children, children who have nothing but that faith and hope. Knowing that is all any of us truly has.”

Kevin Bergquist

“There are many reasons on why I want to go to Zambia. I went in 2018 and fell in love with the place and all the people that help make the village. The kids are so excited to see you. It is a very rewarding experience. The people that go also make it a memorable experience. I don’t really have any expectations because when you travel with a big group and are at the village you just have to go with the flow.” 

Emily Comstock

“Two things I am most passionate about are serving God’s people and traveling. I look forward to combining these passions in Zambia as I learn more about God’s creation outside our borders. I am excited to see how God is already at work in the Village of Hope, and to share His love during our short stay there.”

Abby Deneen

“Living God’s call in serving others and inspirational interactive experiences from previous Zambia participants. With God’s guidance, I hope we can continue to expand this important mission and contribute long-term positive impacts on the lives of staff and children at the Village of Hope.”

Jud Goerss

“The future is a blank canvas, but God has already created an unseen masterpiece and my part is to paint a portion of this future. I want to be part of the process that God has started at the Village of Hope. My hope is to experience God working through our efforts to bring His love to others that need His love.”

Dennis Hennessy

“My reasons for going to Zambia are quite simple. First, I have not done a mission trip since my college days and as my doctor told me, ‘that window is closing!’ Secondly, I hope to be able to contribute something to whoever is in need. I have no idea what that might be, but when the occasion arises, I hope to be ready to help. Thirdly, I have never been to Africa and am looking forward to experiencing a culture much different than any I have ever seen.”

John Lindlief

“It will be fun to reconnect with all the folks, especially the children, at the village and I’m excited to see how things have changed since we were there two years ago. I look forward to learning more about a culture different from my own and hope to be of service wherever I can.”

Ron Moore

“I want to go on this trip because I loved doing the mission trips to Jamaica and I thought going to Africa would be just as fun. I’m looking forward to experiencing a new country, culture, and helping people.“

Erin Nystuen

“I have always wanted to do a mission trip in Africa and my dream vacation is going on an African safari. I am very grateful that I can go with this great group of people to experience both! I am looking forward to making new friends, experiencing a new culture, and using my skills and knowledge to further God’s work.”

Amy Nystuen

“I am excited to go to Zambia again so we can continue to strengthen our partnership between Zion and the School/Village of Hope. This partnership helps us have a direct connection to God’s children around the world and our children here can see how we are all connected.”

Suzi Orlopp

“We were really impressed when we were there two years ago by how God played such an important part in the orphanage and school. How he has worked thru the love and efforts of Benedict, Kathleen and others to give so many children better lives. We want to return to see how the college has progressed and how the library is being used.”

Kathy & Steve Peterson

“The opportunity to return to the Village of Hope is a blessing. I am excited to renew friendships, work with teachers and students, and continue to be amazed at the God-inspired love, hope, resilience and joy the children and adults at VOH model for all of us. Having the opportunity to read a book in the ‘Zion built’ library will also be a thrill!”

Julie Swaggert

“I am ecstatic over the opportunity to join my home church on the mission trip to Zambia.  It is amazing to see how God is active in the world by traveling and serving.  I look forward to spending time at the School of Hope to grow in my faith and learn from the children that we will serve. Whenever I travel I am always reminded that we all belong to each other in this beautiful world that God has given us.“

Aaron Suomala Folkerds

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for our mission trip. We all sincerely appreciate your support in the past and today.

Thank you and God Bless